For my MAKE class, I decided to create a Quadrupedal robot with three degrees of freedom. The requirements for our project were that our parts had to be designed using a CAD software and the parts had to be 3D printed.

It started off really well, but I started to run into major problems further along the design process. First, my servos did not have enough torque to move the legs in a smooth enough fashion, so I was forced to redesign the legs. Once this was done I was able to get a solid enough understanding of Inverse Kinematics to program the walking motion. This blog was a great resource for learning about Inverse Kinematics:

Unfortunately, once I got it walking I was only able to get it to walk 3 steps before it fell over, so I decided to scale down to a simpler two degree of freedom quadruped for the class. I will definitely pick up this project again over the break. Here is a video of the robot’s walking motion when supported: